About me

by tutut25
About me

Previous journalist who is living in Sweden now.

Being journalist is my passion. Like what I did for 12 years when I was in Indonesia before I moved to Stockholm. That’s why, I create KabarQ.com.

KabarQ.com is kind of my online-news channel and as medium for sharing my articles that I write by following a journalistic basic principle (5W+1H). I do research or interview the sources for complimenting those articles.

Sometimes, I work as a freelance contributor by sending the article to the Indonesian magazine, online-news or newspaper.

I am an Indonesian who loves do crochet, fika (a Swedish custom coffee break), travelling, photography and occasionally as a tour guide in Stockholm.

Welcome and enjoy my page.

Thank you or Tack så mycket

IG: @kabarkoe

Youtube: @kabarkoe

About my photography collections —- IG: @odyssey_odyssey

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